Bodies of Water

One of Bellavista’s most important bodies of water is Dnieper. It flows through Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, and the connects to the Black Sea. Dnieper is the longest river in Ukraine and Belarus, and the fourth longest river in Europe. The total length is between 2,145km and 2,201km. This is very helpful for Bellavista because we can easily send ships down this river that is connecting to the black sea. The disadvantages are that in large, long rainfalls, there could be potential flooding, and since it connects to the black sea, some ships may go down the wrong river and end up in Bellavista’s port. If there are too many unneeded ships, the port could get backed up leaving no room for ships to exit, and proper ships to come in. Also many people love to come take boat tours in the Bellavista port.


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