Cities and Capital

Why I Chose My Cities and Capital

I chose to have five cities, Libertas, Gaudium, Plagam Maris, Pulchra Oppidum and Pulchram Civitatem 

Libertas is a very good place to live because it is close to Poland, it is right next to a

forest so a lot of people work in the forest and wood industry, and there are many jobs in that industry, and it’s close to deposits of natural gas and salt, which means there is high demand for jobs and workers in that sector.

Gaudium is a good place to live because it is close to the border of Russia, and it’s located in an area that is very rich in mineral deposits, natural gas, and oil which means plenty of jobs to go around, and because of its wealth of natural resources it’s the industrial center of Bellavista.


Plagam Maris is located right on Mare Tenebris, making it the most important port in Bellavista. It’s an important center of trade, especially across the sea to Turkey, it’s an important site for ship building, it’s an important city for the military, and home for Bellavista’s navy.

Pulchram Civitatem is the capital of Bellavista. I chose this to be my capital because it is close to the border which makes it accessible for trading and easy transportation. It’s the oldest city in Bellavista with a culture stretching back over 1,000 years, and a very important religious and artistic center. Centrally located, it mediates between the important regional centres of Gaudium and Libertas.


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