Bellavista can be described as dry, with warm dry summers, and severe winters. January is the coldest month with daytime temperatures reaching to 00c, but sometimes the winters can reach a much lower temperature in the minus twenties. Sometimes there are heavy snowfalls, and even snowstorms during the harsh winters in Bellavista. In the summer time, the average temperature is about 25-30 celsius, but sometimes it reaches much higher, about 35 celsius and above. Summer time is often dry, but sometimes there are heavy rainfalls and even thunderstorms. July is the warmest month in Bellavista with a temperature of about 25 celsius. The average rainfall in the summer is about 400-600mm, but that’s in the lower parts of Bellavista.

Bellavistas climate is temperate continental. The best weather is generally best in May and September when the days are warm and sunny, but the nights are cool and refreshing, but it does rain more in the spring and in the summer.

There has been a strange amount of cold weather this year in Bellavista killing 37 people, with temperature reaching minus 23 celsius. Temperatures at night are expected to drop as low as 28 celsius. Some areas have been covered in about 53cm (21 inches) of snow. Cars were buried under the snow, unable to move or get out of the piles of snow holding them in.


Climate in Bellavista (weekly)

Tuesday November 7th: 3c, precipitation: 10 percent, humidity: 86 percent, wind: 14 km/h

Wednesday November 8th: 6c, precipitation: 10 percent, humidity: 86 percent, wind: 10 km/h

Thursday November 9th: 6c, precipitation: 20 percent, humidity: 95 percent, wind: 10 km/h

Friday November 10th: 9c, precipitation: 20 percent, humidity: 91 percent, wind 13 km/h

Saturday November 11th: 10c, precipitation: 10 percent, humidity: 93 percent, wind 17 km/h

Sunday November 12th: 1c, precipitation: 15 percent, humidity: 100 percent, wind 6 km/h

Monday November 13th: 1c, precipitation: 10 percent, humidity: 100 percent, wind 13 km/h



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