Freshwater Fish

Common Carp
Common carp are a widespread freshwater fish. Common carp can grow very large if given adequate space and nutrients, and can reach up to 88lbs. A single carp can lay over a million eggs in a year.
European Perch
Perch can live for more than 20 years in good conditions. The European perch lives in slow-flowing rivers, deep lakes and ponds. It tends to avoid cold or fast-flowing waters. European perch is widely fished for food.
Brown Trout
The scientific name of the brown trout is Salmo trutta. Global climate change risks affecting this species. S. trutta prefers well-oxygenated water in the temperature range of 16 to 18 °C. Cover or structure is important to trout. They prefer submerged rocks and logs, banks, and overhanging plants. Structure provides protection from predators, bright sunlight, and higher water temperatures. Trout need access to deep water for protection in winter lake freezes.
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