The Flag of Bellavista


I chose this location to be my country, Bellavistas flag because it is the first piece of land that the founder, Eliza Rimor ever walked on before making it a country. Now it is a very historical place in Bellavista. Just a couple of miles away from the hill is Mare Tenebris, the sea Eliza sailed on to find Bellavista. Right as she set foot on this piece of land that is now the flag, she knew it was going to be an amazing country. She named the country Bellavista because it means beautiful view in the language of Sarthena, Eliza’s home land. In the left corner of the flag there is some Lesonia Grass, which makes Bellavistas famous tea. Eliza discovered the grass a while after discovering the country. It makes delicious tea with all sorts of flavors that combine perfectly together.

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