Laws and Rights


Bellavistas constitution consists of a fair amount of laws that will keep the country safe and a calm happy place to live. Here are Bellavistas laws, consequences and rights.            


Bellavista’s Laws

  • No stealing of any kind is permitted in Bellavista. The guilty party will be charged with a fine and/or incarcerated for an amount of time decided by a judge.
  • Citizens of Bellavista must pay their taxes or they will face fines.
  • Citizens of Bellavista may not own or have any type of gun or dangerous weapons in their house, the owner will be fined or incarcerated for a certain amount of time decided by the judge.
  • No speeding or driving without a license is permitted in Bellavista. The guilty party will have his/her licence suspended. If found driving recklessly again, their license may be taken away.
  • All children of Bellavista must attend school until the age of 18. Parents may choose to homeschool their child/children but a city worker will come in every two months and watch a lesson.
  • All children of Bellavista must be fully vaccinated to attend any sort of school with other children. If a child comes to school unvaccinated they will be sent home and the parent/guardian will be told that they may return to school after being fully vaccinated and have the records.
  • There will be no sorts of zoos and/or petting zoo’s allowed in Bellavista. If someone has been found guilty of trying to set up a zoo or petting zoo they will be fined and incarcerated for an amount of time a judge will decide. Domestic animals will be allowed as pets.
  • No littering will be permitted in Bellavista.The guilty party will be fined.

Bellavista’s Rights

Here are Bellavista’s rights so everyone will enjoy living here and be equally happy.

  • All Bellavistians must treat everyone equally no matter race, religion, gender, mental or physical ability, and sexual identity or orientation.
  • Everyone has equal rights to vote and make suggestions on how to improve living in Bellavista.
  • Men and women have equal salaries while doing the same job and working the same hours. No one gets paid less, no one gets paid more.
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