Living in Bellavista

Why People Would Move To Bellavista

  • Safety
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Gov. type
  • Freedom
  • Laws
  • Cost & living

Are my six most important factors about moving to a new country. Safety is a very important factor in Bellavista because we want all of our citizens to feel comfortable and safe in my country. We have high security airports so we can make all of the immigrants feel comfortable in their new country!

The education in Bellavista is mandated for all children under the age of eighteen. There are many different schools in Bellavista for all different types of people. There will be private schools, public schools, special education schools, and many more schools for everyone is Bellavista.

We have a lot of different kinds of natural resources in Bellavista which means there are a lot of different types of jobs in the resource and nature part of the industry for everyone that wants to work there in Bellavista.

The government type in Bellavista is very good because our government runs by democracy, so everyone gets an opinion on how they want Bellavista to be improved. Bellavista has a set of rules that the government and public set up to help keep Bellavista a safe place for everyone to live in.

Freedom is a large part of Bellavista because we want everyone to feel comfortable and free in Bellavista. In Bellavista you have freedom of speech, freedom to vote, and many more freedom laws that will make my country a better place for everyone to live.

Laws are very important in Bellavista because they keep everything and everyone in order, and keep Bellavista safe. Most of the laws are the usual ones, for example, no driving without a license, but there are some more unusual laws, for example, no zoos are allowed in Bellavista because we want our wild animals as free as our people.

Cost and living in Bellavista varies throughout the country and in different neighbourhoods. Some of the neighbourhoods are more expensive than others, but that depends on the area and the types of houses that were built in the area. Living in Bellavista is very enjoyable because of the affordable prices of the houses, and all of the neighbourhoods are very safe for anyone to live in. There are many very good schools in Bellavista placed near the perfect neighbourhoods so everyone can get a good education. The doctors and hospitals in Bellavista are very good for dealing with all of your medical concerns and problems. Bellavista offers free healthcare, so when you need help with your health, you won’t be paying a very large amount of money out of your pocket.

Countries People Would Emigrate from

Three countries people would want to move from to Bellavista is Russia because the government there is very bad, and there is a war going on in Russia right now.


Syria is also another country I think people would move from to Bellavista because their government is very bad, and there is a war going on in Syria right now too.


America is another country people move from and go to Bellavista because America’s government is not doing very well right now. Their president is definitely not the best, there is a lot of racism in America, there is a lot of violence and dangerous weapons, there is a very large lack of respect towards the country, there are much too many taxes for the poor, gay marriage is not legal in most states which is a very large problem, there is a lot of sexism in America, and the people don’t respect each others religion.


What Cities Would People Move to

People would probably move to Pulchram Civitatem, or Libertas because they are both very close to major railroads and highways, so it is easy to get out of the country for trips or any other reasons. Libertas has a lot of natural resources, so that means a lot of employment. People would move to Pulchram Civitatem because it is the capital, so that means many interesting landmarks, and it is very close to Poland, so it is very easy to import and export thing from Poland.

Why People Would Move to Bellavista

People would want to move to Bellavista because we have a stable government, our education is very good, we have freedom laws, we have a lot of employment so everyone can provide for themselves and their families, Bellavista is very safe for everyone to live in, and the cost to live in Bellavista varies throughout the different parts and neighbourhoods, so in every part there is affordable living for everyone.

Why People Would Leave Bellavista

People might leave Bellavista because the prices of living may not be the best for some people, it may be too expensive, or they do not like the neighbourhoods. Some of the natural resources are not the safest for the people and animals living and working in the area, so people might move from Bellavista because of the risks of transportation and extraction of those resources.

Places People Would Move to from Bellavista


People might move from Poland to Bellavista because it is very affordable, it has high inexpensive healthcare, and it has a high standard for education. Some of the cons about moving from Bellavista to Poland is there are very long work hours, and high pressure in the workplace, there are very long waiting times for public healthcare so if you need something fast, you may not be able to get it, the public schools can become overcrowded, and start lacking in individual development, and there is underdeveloped infrastructure and expensive petrol.


People might move to Canada from Bellavista because there is a very strong employment market, there is free healthcare, Canada is multicultural and very diverse, there is a very low crime rate, there is excellent education, and lots of natural resources, and it is a very respected country. Some of the cons about moving from Bellavista to Canada is the healthcare system can take a very long time, the government can be very controlling, and the cost of living in Canada is very high, so most people cannot afford it.

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