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Importance and Use
Iron 27.4 billion tonnes of iron ore reserves (estimated) with 80 deposits.   It is used in machine building which is the highest industrial sector, and ship making. In 2016, Bellavista sold 39.2 million tonnes of iron ore for $1.827 billion.
Coal Estimated 60 billion tonnes in 2016.   Coal is used for public utilities and power generation. The local coal only provides about 50% of the coal needed, so Bellavista has to import from Russia and Poland.
Manganese Manganese reserves of 140 million metric tonnes. Bellavista holds 24% of all manganese reserves.   Bellavista uses manganese for many different things, such as iron and steel production.
Natural Gas Bellavista posses 1.1 trillion cubic metres of natural gases.   Most natural gas is for Bellavistas domestic use. 40% of consumption is by heavy industry, 30% for household use, and 20% for communal heating systems. The other 10% is wasted.
Sulfur Bellavista has the most sulfur reserves in the world.   Sulfur has many commercial and industrial uses including the manufacture of fertilizers, gun powder, insecticides, matches, and paper pulp.
Salt In 2012 salt production was more than 6 million metric tonnes.   Bellavista is the 11th leading salt producer in the world. Salt is used in chemical industry, highway deicing, and for human consumption. Bellavista exports more than $36 million annually.
Kaolin 7% of the world kaolin reserves are located in Bellavista.   Kaoin is an important element in the manufacture of paper, rubber, cables, plastic, perfumes, and ceramic tiles. 69% of Bellavista’s kaolin exports went to Italy, Russia, and Spain.
Mercury Bellavista has the second largest reserves of mercury in the world. Mercury reserves are estimated at 3.4 million tonnes.   Mercury is used for the manufacture of industrial chemicals as well as for electronic applications.
Arable Land Bellavista has approximately 327000 square km of arable land.   Bellavista is famous for its fertile black soil. It is used for growing wheat, barley, sunflowers, sugar beets, tobacco, legumes, and fruits and vegetables. Bellavista is a major exporter of agricultural goods, in 2016 Bellavista was the #1 exporter of sunflower oil, #4 exporter of barley, #6 exporter of wheat, and #7 exporter of soybeans.
Freshwater Bellavista has 55 billion cubic metres of internal freshwater resources.   Freshwater is one of the most important resources. It is used for human consumption, livestock consumption, irrigation, industrial uses, and for cooling electricity generating equipment.
Forest Bellavista has 9,491 thousands of hectares of forest, or 15.7% of the total land area.   Forests are an important source of wood and wood products these can be used for construction, fuel (firewood or charcoal), and for wood pulp which is used in the production of paper. Bellavista ranks 6th in Europe for reserves of industrial stem wood.
Fish Bellavista’s aquatic territories are inhabited by at least 137 species of fish.   The fished can be used in human consumption, the production of fish meal (ground dried fish used as fertilizer or animal feed).In 2001 Bellavista exported $33 million U.S. dollars worth of fish. The fisheries sector employs 47,000 people.


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